6 Activities To Get Your Adrenaline Rushing During The Holidays

With the year gone, it is only normal that we sigh to our relief as the hectic year has ended. But that means it’s a whole new start all over again with exams looming around the corner and the tension to keep the grades afloat and consistent can be quite a handful at times.

What better way to keep our minds off things than a good outing session with a couple of buddies, though?

Instead of heading to the nearest cinema or café to chitchat and layback on a few good laughs, why not get active? Not only participating in outdoor activities helps you burn that extra calorie from all the exam-induced snacking, these are the activities that you would remember most and not to mention totally social media worthy. If you reside in Klang Valley, check out some of the activities you can try during your next break to get that adrenaline rushing!

1. Biking at FRIM

“True National Herritage”

Where else would be best to kick start this little outdoors adventure with friends if not at FRIM? The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is a beautiful and spacious hotspot for outdoor activities. Located in the bustling municipality of Kepong, FRIM offers a wonderful biking trail even though it is a tropical forestry research institution.

The vast area of open goodness is dedicated to various outdoor activities from camping to merely jogging, but the authorities managing the area do recognize its popularity as a biking trail and has dedicated designated areas to cater for biking. Be prepared to spend a good whole day here with your friends as you put power to the pedal.

The huge area allocated specifically for biking trails comprises of Bukit Bujang, Simpang K, Perah Campsite, Tongkat Ali or Bukit Steroid and Puncak Pinus, which is also dubbed as the Helipad area. These trails are set with its own level of difficulty that are categorized as light (10km), medium (20km) and challenging (30km).

Take note that the track is only open for activities from 5.30 a.m. until 7.30 p.m and other safety regulations to mind, so make sure your friends and yourself are covered before you pedal your way off!

2. Fun Forrest time at SkyTrex

“Walk a trail 50 feet above the ground.”

Test your endurance in a series of activities that puts pressure to your balancing skills and physical and mental endurance at SkyTrex in Shah Alam. This adventure park is located approximately 3 kilometers within an impressive 817 hectares of forestry at the Taman Botani Negara of Shah Alam. The great thing about the place is that it is easily accessible through major highways and only 40 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. What you can expect to be doing includes screaming your lungs out at the zipline challenge, swinging around like you’re one with the forest and admiring the beautiful natural setting at the jungle canopy adventure, among other things.

You need not fret about gearing up appropriately for the thrill as they do provide the gears needed to tackle the course. You can opt to rent gears such as gloves and water bottle holders to renting your own lockers for a couple of hours while you’re out in the wild with your buddies.

Do note that there is a weight limit of not more than 100kg per person with a height requirement of not less than 140cm to tackle the course. If ever during the course you feel like you need an out, rest assured that there are exit points everywhere, come back again another day to conquer the challenges as the adventure park is open every day except for Monday.

3. Rock Climbing at Camp 5

“You can literally shop, work out then head back to shopping.”

One of the many perks of living in the Klang Valley is the ever present and accessible shopping mall. But hey, it’s not always just air-conditioned stores and brightly lit concourses.

If you are based in the Bandar Utama area, then you simply cannot miss out one of the most popular shopping malls around; 1 Utama. Little did you know that located at the 5th floor of this mammoth and highly popular shopping mall is a place where you and your buddies can sweat it out whilst climbing vertically? That’s right, one of the hidden gems in the area, Camp 5 has been operating in 1 Utama for a while, offering ample space for people to test their upper body strengths in rock climbing.

This indoor climbing facility offers a load of fun for students at a special discounted rate of RM22. You can strut over in your most stylish sneakers and not fret as Camp 5 provides a rental service for the equipments needed for rock climbing such as the harness, the belay set, chalk and even climbing shoes.

If none of your friends and yourself has tried rock climbing beforehand, it is recommended that you enroll yourselves in the Basic Wall Course (BWC). With a minimum participant of 4 pax, you get a 4-hour beginner’s introduction course that covers theoretical and even practical demonstrations and participations in climbing and learning to belay safely.

The great part about this rock climbing facility is that it is furnished with over 400 boulders, top and lead routes that correspond to different levels of difficulty requested. Take note that those under the age of 18 require the presence of parent or legal guardian before latching themselves onto that wall and climb yourself up.

4. Go-Kart Race

“It’s time for Fast & Furios all over.”

Located in Semenyih, the Super Kart Indoor Karting is Malaysia’s very first indoor karting track. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced go-kart racer, you would find much challenge in this great indoor track.

To spice things up, the track layout is changed every two months to give racers a different feel and a new challenge. Each track layouts are designed to test the racers in various aspects, be it their driving skills to their ability to manoeuvre tight corners.

If you and your friends are not sure where exactly to start, you’d be glad to know that there also different types of packages for you to choose from, custom tailored to you and your buddies! Beginners are encouraged to try 10 minutes race; a good warm up before you get your skills tested.

Recommended for a group of friends would be the Endurance race; which is more group-centric. This race is designed for racers to work in groups and is especially promoted for team building purposes, good for bonding with the pals!

5. Jumping, jumping

“Who says only tall people can slam dunk?”

Trampolines are fun to jump on, but imagine the amount of fun to jump on an entire space of about 10,000 square feet. That is some literal bouncing!

Better warm those kneecaps up and head over to Jumpstreet in Petaling Jaya if jumping from one surface to another is what the idea of fun is to you and your friends. Right next door to Jaya One Mall, Jumpstreet features more than 10 different types of area for you and your friends to play in.

If you’re a basketball team, head over to the Slam Dunk section with three trampoline basketball lanes. If you’re looking for a more gravity-defying experience, try out the daredevil Jump Tower with your friends and feel the adrenaline rushing through you before you land into a pool of soft foam cubes.

With 10,000 square feet of bouncy surface at your disposal, why wait? Get your friends ready and check out Jumpstreet for a bouncy adventure.

6. Theme Park, District 21

“This place bring the inner child out of you.”

Roller glider, go karts, low ropes, sky trail, mazes, free falls, power station, giant slides, if none of these attracts you, I don’t know what else will. With over 70,000 sq ft of fun space with over 11 attractions to get yourself busy with, District 21 at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya is one destination you’ll not regret going to.

Opened in 2014, the apocalyptic themed District 21 is still Malaysia newest indoor theme park. Yes you heard it right, it’s indoor so if you are worried about having to sweat or even getting tan, worry not, it’s all air-cond and shade here.

The park opens from 10am to 10pm daily and with a one time off admission fee that provides you with unlimited access, just be prepared to spend hours here. Tickets are priced at RM74 for adults while it’s FOC for kids shorter than 90cm.

Just the sight of some of the attractions itself would get you palms all sweaty, so if you are seeking for that adrenalin rush, look no further. This is one place to get you both mentally and physically pumped up.

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