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There are a list of applications that a student would have to go through when entering university/college, from enrolment form, to scholarship application, PTPTN application, visa application (if you are a foreigner), hostel application and the list just keeps going on. With so much in mind, it’s normal to overlook some process procedures and especially on application forms. With us around, we make sure that you miss nothing throughout the enrolment process as ensure you a smooth on-boarding experience to being a proud new university/college student.   

Top 5 Mistakes in Student Applications

In a recent survey conducted on the various application form submitted to our partner universities such as enrolment forms, PTPN application, hostel accommodation and more, the top 5 most common mistakes  shows that these are all minor issues that could have been easily resolved. Effect from these mistakes although minor, may have impacted the turnaround time and overall fees incurred by the student.

In preventing such mistakes from occurring, our team will assist you on the entire  application processes for all type of applications ensuring that you get the best outcome possible. Feel free to engage our counselors to know more on how we can assist you from the inquiry form below.

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