Choosing The Right College Course: The How to Guide

Choosing the right college course can be exciting, and yet can be scary at times. Heard of those myths that “if you choose the wrong course, you will waste your time”? These myths are so widespread that they have been thoroughly debunked by numerous college counsellors and professors. Why is the “wrong” course so frightening? Because it can cost you time, money, and ultimately your future. In this article, Andy Gan, the founder and Principal of TWINS Education will share his ideas on the ways to choose the right course. This guide, to a large extent, has helped his students to pursue what they like or what they may not have thought of.

Way 1: Consider your own strength

Many would say focus on your weakness and improve from there. Instead, I would recommend you to focus on your strengths and take advantage of them. Say you are good in drawing or in the arts-related field, a course pathway such as graphic design that may be suitable for you. There are many courses that you can choose from, but if you feel that graphic design is the right one for you, then go ahead and apply for it. You will be given a chance to showcase your talent.

Way 2: Ask your friends

Some of your peers may already have a clear direction on where they would want to go. Speak with them, and you may be surprised how much you can learn from them too. There may be certain things that you may not have to consider as they have already went through it. A lot of the time, your peers may have different experiences than you, or they may just be better at communicating their thoughts and feelings. Exchanging thoughts can, directly and indirectly, help each other.

Way 3: Speak to your teachers

Your teachers are the few people that you do not want to miss out on. As most teachers in school have entered higher learning education themselves, I am sure many of them can share their personal experiences. You will be amazed as to how much this sharing sessions can help build better relationships with each other. As some teachers studied overseas themselves, they may also inspire you to do the same.

Way 4: Speak to your parents

Never forget your parents. They most likely will be the ones paying for your college fees! Some parents allow more freedom for their children to choose, but some are the total opposite. Regardless, we should listen and respect their thoughts. Whether it is right or wrong, that’s another topic to debate on. Some students may be inspired by their parents in their current profession and it would lead from there, where you inquire more about the rewards and challenges they may face and if it ultimately fits them.

Way 5: Check out with some college counsellors

College counsellors can provide valuable assistance by giving us free personality test assessment. With this, students will be able to understand themselves better and to decide which course pathway to enroll to. Some who are good with numbers may consider courses like accounting or engineering. Some who are good at writing may consider courses such as journalism.

Way 6: Check out some job websites

If you lack of ideas of what to study, try the reverse engineer method. Log on to some job portals and randomly browse through the various jobs in the market. There’s a very high chances that you will find a career that you may not have thought of, but nonetheless it caught your interest. Move on from there and you can research on the minimum qualifications required to pursue that career pathway and ultimately, the choice of your course pathway.


There is no fast rule in choosing the right courses to study. Ultimately, you do not want to rush into some random course just because “my friends have already started, and therefore I should too”. Whilst deciding, you can always pick up a part-time job to earn some side income. Or you may also sign up for some short online courses and pick up some new skill.


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