The Korean Wave, 6 Signs To Identify One

The Korean wave, 6 signs to identify a Korean wave surfer. The Korean wave is probably the biggest ongoing phenomenon of this decade. It is not just about K-pop or the Korean beauties who make boys swoon and plain girls (like me) sigh. The Korean wave is a culture and a lifestyle that now clings onto those who deliberately become its victim. Read on to find out if you are already on board of the Korean wave bandwagon!

1. Korean Dramas

“It’s just never enough.”

You cannot stop watching the music videos and dramas. If you have not watched any Korean music videos or dramas, I truly hope that you did not befriend Sadako. Please come out of the well immediately! Just kidding, of course you have watched them. You probably watched them many times with the convenience of the internet. The Korean music videos and dramas have taken over the world by STORM. Korean music videos are produced with very high budgets. They are all intricately designed to capture not only our eyes but also our hearts. The music videos have such catchy tunes and dance moves that even the coldest of hearts will enjoy them. Now, not going to lie, but Korean drama plots are repetitive BUT if it works it works. Who cares if the same cancer, car accident, guy loves girl but guy forgets girl plots are reused? People still love it.

2. Your Mobile Wallpaper

“I need it wherever I go.”

Your phone wallpaper makes your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous. Because it is not them! This is nothing to be ashamed of. Korean celebrities have top notch appearance because Korean entertainment moguls have a way to transcend a fairly good looking person into other-worldly perfection. You find yourself constantly admiring their extravagant hairstyles and natural-but-better makeup. However, you also wonder if any normal everyday person can pull off these looks? The answer is a plain “no”. No one is going to sport a silver platinum hair to attend a desk job. Maybe the bold ones will, but be careful not to put yourself under your employer’s radar.

3. Fan Club

“Sense of belongingness”

Joined a fan group? This is a no brainer. If you joined a fan group of an artist or a girl/boy group, you are officially head-over-heels smitten by the Korean pop culture. You don’t want to just be a fan, you want to be part of their lives or at least take a glimpse of their lives. Fans even name themselves just to show support to a particular band or celebrity! Ever heard of Soshis or Blackjacks? If the constant stalking of official webpages, social media is not enough, some super fans also give support to their beloved artists by selling their merchandises! However, too much of toxic love is never good for anyone. Yes I am talking about Sasaengs. Shower your oppas with love, but not too much, okay?

4. The Korean Look

“Park Shin-hye? Bae Suzy? Kim Soo-hyun?”

You follow the Korean beauty and fashion trend. Face masks, gradient lips, BB CC (and I think there are DD and EE) creams, cushion foundation…ring any bells to the beauty junkies out there? Korea is the epitome of beauty and style. With their snowy white skin and doll-like features it is not hard to see why Korean girls are trend setters to the world. Of course, all of these influences were brought upon us by the indestructible power of the Korean entertainment industry. Did I leave the boys out? Fret not guy friends! Guys now wear eyeliners and put on BB creams too. Why not? Isn’t gender equality more and more of a norm these days? The fashion trends of Korea has also taken the world by storm, large framed glasses, button up shirts and blouses, soft pastels with laces, chiffon flowy skirts…the list goes on. You know exactly what I am talking about.

5. Speaking Korean

“Anyeong haseyo.”

You add simple Korean terms into your daily vocabulary. ANNYEONG~ You don’t mind the eyes on you when you say that. What? You are a Korean! Well maybe you have a far Korean relative…maybe your 8th distant relative. While conversing with your close friends (those who do not mind your antics) you say a lot of “sarangheyo, oppa, omo…fighting!” and the list goes on. The basic everyday greeting of “Hello, you look so pretty this morning! I love you!” can become “Annyeong! OMO….IPPUDA..! Sarangheyo!” when you are an avid Korean fan. There, I don’t know Korean and I just made that up in less than 2 seconds. You will find that happening to you too, if you love binging on Korean dramas.

6. Korean Classes

“Understanding the culture.”

Last but not least. You take up language, dancing and vocal lessons. Now this is some hard core Korean wave surfer. You don’t want to be a bench warmer, you want to be a participant! You are so in love with your favourite girl and boy group, you want to be part of it. Admiring and dressing like them isn’t enough anymore. You want to walk the walk and talk the talk. You use more Korean products because you simply want to indulge in the experience of living like a Korean or a Korean celebrity. Experiencing a few or ALL of the above? You know what hit you? That’s right, it’s the Korean wave. Just be proud of being part of a very large community, you are definitely not alone. Mahn Say!!

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