10 Amazing Free Apps That Are Useful For Students In Malaysia

By Aida Harun Mar 28, 2019 8389 Views

        Today’s youth have benefited tremendously from the rapid advancements achieved by the mobile technology industry. Nowadays, it does seem as though pretty close to everything can be done via smartphones. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that if given the choice, many of the current generation of students would opt to go without food rather than to forgo their smartphones for just a day! The mobile app industry has undeniably brought about a completely new era, with millions of apps now available for download instantly. By utilising these apps, a myriad of handy tools and facilities are at a student’s disposal at just the touch of a button. These apps are not just to help students in their studies, but also to assist with other various aspects in a student’s life.

Isn’t it fantastic when you are able to discover an app that can really help solve your problems? However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when browsing through the huge number of apps available on the apps store. To help you out with this, we’ve done an in-depth research on what would be some of the most useful apps for students out there. Those who made it to our list are all available on both Android and iOS platforms, and the best part is, won’t cost you a single sen to download. Here are the 10 amazing free apps that made the cut!

1. Evernote


"Notes, laptop and tea. Now we're ready to take on study life!"

We’ve decided to put this one right on top of the list simply because it is a really neat app that can go a long way to helping you stay organised. The basic idea is that Evernote functions as a cloud-based hub for all of your notes and replaces the need for physical notebooks (way too old-school!). Evernote works well as your personalised scrapbook of information. It not only keeps your notes organised, but is also able to store photos and audio files that you may want to include to your notes. A special feature that deserves a mention is the web clipper feature that enables you to clip any part of a webpage, be it texts or images, and add it into your Evernote for future reference. This way you’ll never lose any of the information you found online again!

Evernote also has a powerful search feature that can be optimised by utilising its tagging and bookmarking capabilities. You can find all the materials that you have categorised under a particular keyword in just a couple of seconds. Its ability to create to-do lists and set reminders for tasks will help even the most forgetful student to remember their exam dates and assignment deadlines. This app is also useful when you are working in a group for a particular project or assignment as it allows you to share notes with other students in your contact list.

2. Circle Of Six


"That's more like a circle of eight and it looks awfully similiar to some cult watch."

Are you one of those students who sometimes find yourself walking alone in campus, or driving back home alone at night after finishing your classes? If so, check out this app as it can provide you with some level of comfort in terms of staying safe. Safety and security are serious issues that should always be taken seriously by all students, especially the ladies. Circle of Six is an award-winning app that enables its users to create a small private community of their own choice (such as trusted college friends and/or family members) who can easily be contacted when required. Basically, this app is a mobile way for a group of people to look out for each other. A tap on a customised button would send an instant notification to your circle that you are in need of a ride back home, sending along together your current location so that they are instantly notified on where to pick you up. Through its customised features, you can also alert your circle that you are in need an interruption – this could come in handy during a boring date, or in a more serious note, when you are caught in a dangerous situation.

3. Diigo


"So you're telling me we don't have to use physical colored stick-on bookmarks anymore?"

This app is a must-have for students who spend hours browsing and performing online researches. Apart from reading books and articles it is common for students nowadays to rely quite heavily on web contents for assignments and group projects. This app extends the bookmark function even to internet browsers which makes saving internet pages extremely simple! It provides browser add-ons to incorporate features such as multicolour highlighting features – that works just like using highlighters over texts on the books! – it even has a sticky note function that enables you to annotate and make your own notes at the side of the page. Diigo also enables you to save all selected materials from the internet and helps you collect, organise and tag them with specific keywords – this way you will never again have to worry about losing information that you have read online! What’s more, you can share your personalised library of website materials with any of selected contacts.

4. My Study Life


"Study life equates to a frantic day-to-day schedule life"

This is an awesome app designed to assist students in managing their hectic lifestyles. By using this app, you will be able to input your class schedules (including details such as the time and location of each class), so that it is visually displayed clearly for you. It can even cater for rotation-based schedules, where you may have two or more sets of schedules that alternate on a regular basis. The timetable can even be colour-coded according to subjects, which helps make it look way easier to the eye! However, this is more than just an app for pretty schedules. My Study Life is an excellent digital planner that can assist students in crossing off items on their to-do lists dan keeping tabs on due dates and assignments. It has a reminder function so that you can always receive alerts reminding you of what you need to get done or where you need to be! Similar to Evernote, the fact that My Study Life saves all your information on cloud and syncs across all devices makes this app extremely convenient. Its attractive and user-friendly interface is also another plus point worth mentioning.

5. Alarmy (Sleep If You Can)


"That's exactly how many alarm clocks I need to get to that early morning lecture."

Are you one of those sleepyheads who can’t seem to wake up in time to attend your morning lectures? If so, then this app may be exactly what you need to stop missing those 9 a.m. classes ever again! This innovative app functions as an alarm clock, but with an interesting twist. In order to turn off your alarm, you will need to snap a picture of a registered location. This location would typically be a particular space within your home that will force you to get out of bed and walk towards it – the idea is that once you have gotten out of bed you should be able to stay awake and get ready to start the day! We think the bathroom sink would be an ideal spot, so that you can immediately wash your face and brush your teeth once your alarm is switched off. Alternatively, you can also configure the alarm setting so that you can turn it off by violently shaking your phone or by solving uncomplicated mathematical problems (yes we agree, they’d better be uncomplicated)!

6. Mint


"Financial management with a calculator and a potato."

Financial management is an aspect of student life that many students tend to struggle with. We completely understand - it can’t be easy to stick to a limited budget when there’s so much you want to do at this stage of your life. Then again, drawing up a realistic budget and sticking to it is also important to ensure that you won’t go hungry at the end of the month before your next allowance comes through! There are so many budgeting apps out there to assist students with the challenges of money management. Most of these apps are free, so you can explore several of them and see which one has the feature that applies best to you. One of the more popular apps in this category is Mint. With its impressive functionality and attractive interface, this app can help you craft any number of personalised budgets and sync them all together for a clear overview of your financial standing.

You can see how much you have left to spend for each category of expenditure and identify areas where you have been overspending. You can also set up reminders for upcoming payments and even receive notifications when account balances are running low. For students who are lucky enough to own a supplementary credit card from their parents, this app’s Cash vs. Credit feature would extremely be useful as it enables you to keep track of your total credit card balances versus the cash you have at hand to settle them off with. If you don’t want something too comprehensive, try out other simpler budgeting apps such as Wally and Easy Envelope Budget Aid. Unlike Mint, these apps are not designed to be linked to your bank accounts and would therefore remove any worries about potential data security breaches.

7. RealCalc Scientific Calculator


"Engineering, mathematics and science related students, now there's one thing less to carry."

This is definitely a must-have study tool for all the future mathematicians, scientists and engineers out there. This app works great as a full featured digital scientific calculator – now accessible through your smartphone! - to help you solve those complicated equations quickly and accurately! Not only does it mean that you don’t have to spend your money to purchase a physical scientific calculator, thanks to this app there’s now one less thing you have to have carry around in your backpack!



"Now we don't have to bring a book that weighs a tonne around anymore."

No matter what subjects you have enrolled for at college or university, chances are that you will at least stumble upon a couple of English words that may come a little unfamiliar to you. With this app, you can almost instantly look up words and find out what they actually mean. With more than 2 million word definitions, together with a thesaurus and an audio pronunciation tool for every word, it’s easy to see why this app is such a big hit. It even has additional features such as “Word of the Day” – amazingly useful in helping you improve your vocabulary with minimum effort! – and a ‘sharing feature’ that enable users to share the knowledge they’ve gained through this app on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

9. CamScanner


"Certainly very tempting to use this in exams."

This handy app not only replaces the need for a physical scanner but can in fact do so much more. After scanning documents or images of any size with this app (e.g. receipts, little sticky notes, business cards, pages from a reference book or a graph on a whiteboard) you can enhance and edit your scanned results (e.g. adjust the colour mode, rotate or autocrop it) and then save it in pdf format. The scanned image can be stored on cloud and can also be printed out or faxed. What’s even cooler is that CamScanner has an in-built optical character recognition (OCR) features, which means you can easily search for important bits of information within the documents you’ve scanned in a matter of seconds.

Sharing is also made easy as you can send these scanned images (either in pdf or jpg format) with others through e-mail or Whatsapp. Once this free app is downloaded, 200M cloud space is given to users for free, while the add-on premium features come with a price. The good news is that educational users (students and teachers) are eligible to get a free upgrade and an extra 200M cloud space for free! So what are you waiting for - download this excellent document management app today and you’ll be glad that you did!

10. Splitwise


"All of you owe me exactly 5.49 for that meal earlier."

It’s a well-known fact that students do a lot of activities (like eating, travelling and socialising) in groups. This app is therefore a cool tool to use as it provides an easy way for you to keep track of bills and expenses to be split among your group of friends or housemates. This app makes it a whole lot easier to calculate and to keep tabs on rental, utilities bills, groceries, meals and travel expenses that are to be split between you and your group of friends.

With this app, you can simply input receipts/bills as they come (you can snap photos of the relevant receipts and bills and have them stored inside the app), and after deciding on the split between the group, the app will perform the calculation for you. Easy! You can even use the app to settle your debts with one another via PayPal. So forget the Excel worksheets and give this app a try instead. What’s best about it is that it helps to avoid those awkward conversations about money disputes on who owes who what at the end of the day.

So there you have it folks! 10 exciting free apps that students should definitely take advantage of, so what are you still waiting for?

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