6 Signs She’s Flirting With You

Not sure if she’s just being friendly or dropping you hints? Can’t seem to decide whether your friends are right about the fact that she’s into you? Here are a few telltale signs that she’s flirting with you!

1. She’s Always Smiling Your Way

“Yes, this smile means I’m into you.”

We’re sure that you’ve read this tip somewhere but in all honesty, it’s tested and proven. A smile is a form of affection, friendliness and a good way to make someone remember you better or even cross one’s mind. So whenever you bump into that special girl, whether it is at your school’s computer lab or even across the hallway, if you find that she never fails to flash her pearly whites or even a beam at you and then look away hurriedly; she wants to let you know that she’s interested but shy at the same time, hence the hurried detachment of eye contact. Now this would be a good opportunity to smile back at her and take an action soon if you’re interested in her! Make sure the smile of yours isn’t too wide or creepy to put her off; just a small beam will do to get the message across.

2. Subtle Body Languages

“Gents out there, note the shoes and the angle of direction for clearer indication.”

Besides smiling, there are a few subtle body languages, which portray that she’s flirting with you. They might not be obvious to you at first, but noticing these subtle body languages takes time and practice! Firstly, it is important to be acutely aware of her body’s position when she’s talking to you. If she’s into you, her hips will be pointed in a direction where her body is facing you to show that she’s interested in engaging a conversation with you. If you notice that she’s twirling her hair, that might be also a sign that she’s open to what’s coming her way and also sometimes may be interpreted as a form of nervousness. That’s great because if she’s nervous around you, it’s showing that she’s got the hots for you! Additionally, if a joke of yours sets her laughing then that’s when you’ve got to notice if she happens to touch your arm when she’s laughing. That’s a monumental telltale sign that she’s flirting right there!

3. First Moves

“Let me make the first big move of sending you an emoticon. “

Texting and/or initiating a conversation physically are real and genuine signs that she’s into you. Usually, girls that make the first move have waited long enough for your move or are bold enough to do so. Now what do you do when she comes over to introduce herself or even to say hello? Calm yourself down and maintain your composure by asking her about her next class or what she’s doing after class; you might just score an awesome date with her! Thus, you must always be well dressed or at least decently dressed at all times as first impressions are very important! This also gives her more of a reason to approach you. As for texting, the circumstances might be slightly different.

She may be more comfortable to talk to you first behind a screen without seeing your reaction and have some time to ponder over her next moves You might notice the regular smiley emoticons for her to get the message across that she’s interested in you. Be sure to throw in some wink emoticons as well to show your flirtatious side if the conversation is going on well! As soon as the conversation is going in the direction that you both are comfortable with, she might also drop you subtle hints like “What are you doing tonight?” which might come across flirty as she wants to know more about your personal life or even for you to ask her out. Don’t be afraid to make a move then, as you wouldn’t want to come off as being uninterested in her.

4. Getting Physically Close

“I’m sure this is physical and close enough.”

You will notice that she somehow finds reasons to get physically close to you. For example, at a group lunch together, she’ll choose to sit close to you; either opposite or beside you, for closer proximity and intimacy. Take notice of her moves, you’ll catch her staring at you at most times or even her accidental brushing of shoulders, fingers and brief touches just to make you notice her intentions and feelings. 😉 She would also try to walk beside you even though in groups just to strike a conversation with you. Or if you’re lucky, she might even request for you to hold her books! Be sure to take charge of the conversation and not have silent moments. Portray your confidence and remember to constantly flaunt your smile!

5. Getting Personal

“Soon enough, you’ll both be sweethearts and all lovey dovey.”

Once you’ve passed the acquaintance phase with her, you would realize that when it comes to assignments, college work or even directions in campus, you’re the person she comes to for advice. Now that’s flirting on a different level. By using these excuses to talk to you while in the course of getting what she wants, she is able to kill two birds with one stone. Once she’s comfortable with you, she might even try to get you to send her home or to go college together! This shows that she wants more intimacy and personal space with you, which is one of those times where you could bond with her as you can share about your favourite music with each other in the car or even talk about more personal things. This will help you two open up to each other and it will be more likely for her to say yes if you ask her out on a date next! When things start to get even more personal with her, look out for nicknames that she might give you, as this is a sure sign that you are special in her eyes. You may even want to throw in a personal nickname for her as well! Just be sure it’s something that is unique to both of you.

6. Getting Passively Jealous

“Get anywhere close and I’ll stare you to death.”

We all know that jealousy kills! But this also depends on the degree of jealousy that is happening. Girls tend to get jealous really quickly at the slightest things. This of course could be a sign that she’s passively flirting with you as being jealous is another form of non verbal communication. You will get treatments such as her not giving you the usual attention or even simply just giving you really short replies. You will then realise that it’s not her usual self! If another girl probably tried to hit on you or if you showed some degree of interest in the other girl, then you’d probably see some indirect signs of anger or signs of being upset from the one who’s interested in you. Her words may sound spiteful and condescending but she would not tell you the true reason behind it. This is of course to avoid being seen as vulnerable and jealous. Try your level best not to misinterpret this as a form of detraction or disinterest. This just shows that she likes you and doesn’t want you to be close with other girls.

If she’s showing a majority of these signs, then you know you’ve gotten her on board! Now it’s all up to you to pursue your interest in her and start taking action! A lunch date after class would be great to start with. 😉

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