5 Ways To Be Truly Happy All The Time

Let me begin by just saying this word “Happiness”. If the first thing that comes to your mind is that when you were a college kid with no stress in the world, we shall continue. Else, let’s just assume we’re Cicakman prancing around with no other real world responsibilities. Happiness comes in all forms and shapes, be it in relationship, monetary, activities, hobbies or even when you were secretly laughing to yourself after finding out your high school bully got the bitter end of bird droppings on his head.

“Well, I guess I’m happy now with that crow pooping on the school bully’s head?”

Moving on from bird poo, what and how is happiness? In a book titled, The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran states that the same occurrences that brings you joy are the same occurrences that brings you pain. Well, that kinda stinks. Let’s sit back and think about this for a moment. If you love a person to world’s end and if that person brings you true happiness, isn’t the fear of losing and/or if you have lost that particular person equate to crunch-worthy pain? So, in mind blowing philosophical terms, he concludes that pain and joy are one the same. How then are we to find happiness? This isn’t some movie where there’s an “on” and “off” switch that brings you from sad to happy in a heartbeat, pretty much like a puppy with a bone.

“Give me that bone and I’ll be instantly happy, else, I’ll just keep being grumpy.”

It’s a natural cycle for all businesses, or should I say most businesses to come to a point where they will be in need of additional cash flow to purchase newer and better products. We know technology and even fashion changes so drastically with time so it’s best to get rid of older models and make some cash out of them before they actually lose its value. Leveraging on older stocks, businesses would market and advertise on high sales and discounts in hopes to draw in traffic and to possibly tempt these shoppers with their newer stocks where of course, the marketed discounts and sales are not applicable to. These sales periods usually comes in line with festive seasons where the shopping spirit is at its highest such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Raya, etc. Be smart and shop during sales period, if you had an eye on something a while back age, make a comparison now and you will see the difference – 30% to 50% in most cases. All you need to do is to simply be a little patient and not be a fool to shop at a time when there are no sales when you know for a fact sale happens at least twice to four times in a year.

1. Avoid The Negative Thoughts

“Yup, that’s the logic, hack our brains to make ourselves happy.”

This may sound cliché but researches have concluded that in order to be and to remain happy, you have to avoid all that negative thinking in your mind. These negative thoughts cloud the rosier and brighter side of your life, creating a traffic jam whereby happiness is last on the queue. Picture this, all these negative thoughts are having a party up in your head, coming up with the most paranoid of thoughts. The only way around this is to make thought changing adjustments to keep it at bay. In other words, hack your brain. Your family and friends contribute to your emotional state and forces your brain into halting these pessimistic thoughts.

2. Giving And Helping

“I’ll just give everything away and live under a bridge so I can be happy. “

Now that we’ve gotten the hacking in the pocket, coming up next relates to the saying “Happiness results from what we give, not what we get”. This doesn’t mean we have to give everything we own in exchange of happiness. If that’s taken literally, I’d be a very happy person living under a bridge. Giving can come in any form; an act of charity, a helping hand in times of trouble, heck even a simple make shift greeting card from scrap paper could mean the world to someone. You will be very surprised at how this noble act of giving without expecting anything in return can bring the best out of you.

3. Travel And Leisure Beats Negativity

“I’d rather enjoy the peace and calm than to beat those leaves to a pulp.”

If there was anything that can give you happiness, it’s travel and leisure. Imagine you’re having a bad day and somehow miraculously you’re transported with a mind boggling transportation device to a hill slope or a beach. Chances are, you wouldn’t go around destroying the leaves of the trees around you and you certainly wouldn’t go stomping on the sand with the intention of pulverizing it to glass. You’d probably be in a state of inner peace and calm instead. If you have never tried walking on the beach, reading a storybook or hiking in the mountains, you have cheated yourself out of moments of happiness and joy. Sometimes people are so obsessed with ‘finding’ happiness that they do not take a short moment to enjoy the happiness that leisure can offer.

Look for destinations you can spend the weekend and at the same time, explore new exciting activities. Travelling opens your horizon and allows you to see the different side of things, be it art or culture. Always remember that happiness comes from you and you alone; it’s not a pet where it comes to you at the sound of a whistle. Though I really wish that was true, that way I can just lie in bed angry, whistle my pet happiness and get up all stoked for the day. Why aren’t we funding a “self-happiness pet”?

4. Education And Learning, An Innovation Of Happiness

“I just became a chef, look how happy I am.”

Ever had that moment when you just learnt something new? Ok, now close your eyes and think of something that you’ve discovered and or learnt recently. Feel that sense of tranquility in your heart? The beat that goes “Yeah, one more skillset into the basket!”. If you’re still not feeling it, picture this for a moment. Say you’re interested in preparing a complete mouth-watering 3-Course Meal for you loved ones, and yes, I mean, we get up from our lazy couch and actually put initiative into preparing that sumptuous meal. Now, fast forward time to after the cooking, preparation and eating is done. Everyone is looking and heaping praises on you as if you’re Master Chef. Now, do you feel that sense of achievement and happiness? Exactly! Feels good doesn’t it? This applies to everything ranging from computer related activities, blogging, gardening and the list goes on and on. You name it, you discover it, you learn it, you do it, and then, you feel the happiness coursing through your body.

5. Appreciate The Little Things In Life

“I’m gonna ruin your day with a massive dump right on that new outfit of yours.”

There is this saying “The little things in life give you Hope and Inspiration”. So now let’s see how this equates to happiness. I’m going to be as pragmatic as possible, whilst adding a dose of science into this how this adds up to happiness. Say you’re having a bad day and for reasons unknown to the universe, a big crow decided to take a massive dump on you while you’re innocently on the way to work. You’re just about to blow your top but then, at the corner of your mind storage, you remember the time when you were in high school making fun of a close friend who just got the evil end of bird droppings. You smile a little and now with a clearer head, you realize you’re not going to let this spoil your day, find a solution and crack on for this one day. What I’m saying is that, the little things in life distracts you, calms you down and believe it or not, brings you joy. Remember this and keep an eye out for the small things around you that could keep you sane and happy.

“Yes! I’ve conquered the ultimate mystery to being happy all the time.”

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” This quote itself says it all. The search for happiness can be a long and treacherous road, but it can also be a journey filled with unparalleled pleasures, unique surprises, and a result that will take your breath away. It can make you believe in yourself and the things you do. Everyone needs something to look forward to and happiness accompanies that journey. I’m sure many of you have come across this “Is the glass half full or half empty?” How you see it best describes your outlook in life. Being happy and optimistic brings about a positive energy and confidence in you. Your mindset, your thoughts, your actions, your experiences, your goals, your luck and your work are all connected and related. Combine these elements and you get harmony. So, adapting some Star Wars-ish elements in this quote, you get “Happiness leads to Positive Energy, Positive Energy leads to self-confidence and self-confidence leads to a world of endless possibilities.

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