5 Cheating Methods You May Not Be Aware Of

Long gone are the days where cheating methods (in exams, of course) were as simple as taking a peek at the person seated next to you or in front of you. Others were even brave enough to unleash their creativity by coming up with really witty sign languages that no one else would understand, something like a little secret code between them and their partner in crime. Students are luckier than ever now to be surrounded by advanced technology that makes cheating in exams easier than ever. I admit, there was a time when I tried to cheat as well but my methods were milder than Nando’s Mild Peri Peri. So, what are some of the bizarre tips and tricks of today’s students when it comes to cheating? With a little nudge from my pals at MyEducation, I decided to put on my research hat and to my surprise, discovered many fascinating techniques.

1. A Watch That Tells More Than Just Time 

“Now we know why Time asnwers all.”

As reported on bbc.com, ‘cheating watches’ are pretty common these days. They are digital watches designed to store up to 4GB (or more) worth of files such as data, written information and even images which can be easily viewed during an exam, obviously for copying purposes. It also comes with an “emergency button” that will promptly switch from a screen full of text to an ordinary looking clock face. Is your mind blown yet? Mine is! Some of you may be thinking, ‘This is crazy! Who would buy into a load of nonsense?’ Well, students who are sinking in the stress pool would! This device was certainly invented to lure anxious students into cheating simply because it seems like the easiest solution to survive a grueling exam, with the least probability of getting caught. Joe Sidders, deputy head at Monkton Combe Senior School in Bath, mentioned in an article on bbc.com (link above) that ‘It is irresponsible to try to sell such items to under-pressure pupils, who might get caught and disqualified from all their exams’. Well said. By exposing these sorts of gadgets to students, all the more they will be motivated to ‘take the easy route’ when it comes to doing well in school, instead of working for it.

2. The ‘Now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t’ Wireless Invisible Earpieces

“As long as you don’t get caught, you are safe”

Believe it or not, there is such a thing! Manufactured by a brand called Monorean, this wireless invisible earpiece is as tiny as a rice grain which makes it super easy to be inserted into the ear. It is built with crystal clear sound quality, allowing the user to listen to every single word that their partner in crime has for them. Even a whisper will not be too difficult to hear. Want to know what the best part of it all is? No one else can notice it is even there. Wow, does this sound like a ‘secret agent man’ device or what? Want to know what the most mind blowing part is? The advertising angle. It boldly encourages students to cheat their way through the exam by purchasing this item in order to “succeed”. Check this example out: “The best wireless and invisible earpiece for cheating on tests: wireless communication without being caught. Finally, your nerdy classmates can tell you all the answers!”

3. The Glasses That Sees More Than What Meets The Eye 

“Spy gadgets coming to life.”

Usually, the main purpose of glasses is to improve your eyesight. However, glasses with a spy camera embedded into it will help you see even more! What on earth are we talking about? Spyglasses! Spyglasses (not the official term) really look like any ordinary eyeglasses but the only difference is, it has a tiny camera installed in it. The camera is connected to another person on the other end who will receive snippets of exam questions by the user and will then provide answers through other means of communication. If you thought that these sorts of gadgets can only be found in James Bond movies or perhaps, Inspector Gadget, think again! Yes, it sounds too good to be true but with the vast development on technology, anything is possible and all kinds of gadgets that you can ever imagine or wished was invented might just come true.

4. Smart People With Smarter Phones  

“there’s a reason why it’s called the SMART phone.”

There is no doubt that smart phones can do so much more than just making a phone call. No matter how hi-tech a phone is, students do not have the time to use every powerful app to cheat during an exam. So, the common function that they resort to is texting and at the most, a camera. Majority of texting apps not only enables texts to be sent so conveniently, it also allows users to send pictures effortlessly which makes it even easier for students to share screen captures of exam questions with someone else who is waiting the other end to help out. All they need to do is push that ‘send’ button and everything will be solved. Smart phones are also getting slimmer these days, making it even easier to be brought along during “emergency” toilet breaks. It is no surprise that students will choose to enter the safest zone on school ground (the toilet) to get their necessary information. The best part is facilitators are not able to do much because this kind of circumstance is unavoidable. What can they do anyway? Ban students from doing their “business”? That will be an invitation for a law suit!

5. The Wonders of a Graphing Calculator 

“It’s like a wolf in sheep’s skin.”

The graphing calculator may be equipped with useful mathematical and scientific functions but it comes in pretty handy for cheating too. This device is commonly used for statistical mathematic equations. One thing’s for sure, this calculator is way different than ordinary ones because of its high-tech abilities. It is able to plot graphs, solve multiple equations at the same time, and work on other solutions that involve variables. Most graphing calculators can be programmed easily especially if you know the ins and outs of it. This will then allow users to create and store customized math formulas, data and other information that can be retrieved at any time during an exam. So, there you have it, cheating methods that you may or may not have been aware of. Please note that MyEducation and I do not condone the act of cheating in exams. We are firm believers of ‘honesty is the best policy’. WIDE GRIN! In my opinion, I think it is normal for students to have a desire to cheat in exams but as cliché as it may sound, the best thing to do is to try your best by studying as smart as you can. If you never try, you will never know how good you can be right? Take it as a lesson for the future as well – there is no easy way out in life. You have to work hard and the end result will surprise you, in a good way. Have you guys cheated during your exams before? What were some of your creative methods and did it work?

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