5 Hari Raya Struggles Only Students Understand

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        It is finally that time of the year again, the second half of the twelve months where your semesters are at their most demanding but yet holidays are incoming, making it a real struggle to keep your focus intact. The cheery festive music is blasting at every mall and at every local radio frequency and the bountiful food at the Ramadan bazaar are slowly getting less and less, marking the arrival of the month of Syawal, and of course, Hari Raya Aidilfitri folks!

Hari Raya is celebrated with open arms and much needed family time, but for students, sometimes the festive season doesn’t come too lightly. While it is indeed great to be around family and have some actual quality time catching up, there are instances whereby us students dread whenever Hari Raya looms by. What could possibly be the struggle of Hari Raya? Check out the all-time endless classic top five Hari Raya struggles only students get. Oh and while you’re at it, grab a jar of Raya cookies to munch on in between giggles at how relatable these are!

1. The Over-Achiever Cousin

MyEducation Malaysia Enough With The Over Achiever


"Great, here comes the hero cousin again. Someone ease me from this!"

Sit back and reminisce back to when you were a kid. Your cousins were probably your first friends you would do crazy things with. Any difference in age gap and reality doesn’t matter the slightest bit when it came to play time, and most times, your cousins are the main reasons why trips back to your grandparents’ place are the highlight. But by the time you’re all set in school and later on in college and university, it is quite unavoidable to have some form of friendly competition going, even if you never intended for it to happen!

Whether you’re the one being compared to the oh-so-successful cousin of yours or even being the over-achiever cousin in this scenario, this is a common legit Hari Raya struggle for most students. From examination results to awards and scholarships and down right to the chosen field of study, the over-achiever cousin is one of those things about Raya that you would sigh gladly about if you’re not being pestered about it. But say you’re on the receiving end, I can only say us students would and must have grown used to it in terms of mastering the art of shaking your pestering aunties and uncles off!

2. Duit Raya Dilemma 

Hari Raya Green Packets


"More Duit Raya, the better."

For college and university students, this is such a struggle. With each passing year, our qualification of being in the list of recipients of the highly sought after green packets a.k.a Duit Raya steadily diminishes. Sure, Hari Raya has more to it than just gleefully thanking your relatives for that much awaited and much wanted little green packets, but it sure is a perk! Students in their high school years should be warned that those quickly forgotten short years could be their most profitable yet! Come college, you’d be lucky to get a ringgit or two! Not to mention, some of us in our final year of Bachelor’s Degree would probably already be close to our mid-twenties. This, FYI, te age where our relatives, triples in the number of little ones clinging to our skirts and calling us uncles or aunties!

3. The Post Raya Exams

Post Hari Raya Mood


"Can we just rewind to Hari Raya season?"

Most education institutions typically push examination schedules to be right after the festive week. This makes reality even more hard hitting because nobody in their right Raya minds would be able to study when the lanterns are up and when Raya cookies are served! But when the fifth day of Raya passes by, you know reality is waiting around the corner, waving sheets of study notes in the air! One of the hardest and most challenging Raya struggles only students get would be to reset their minds back into study mode and resist the temptation of spending their days and nights strutting hand in hand with their relatives and munch on the never ending supply of food. In short, Hari Raya mood! Forget about that one-week grace period of study breaks, too! When it’s Hari Raya, it’s a whole month of celebration! Flip to the next page or grab the next plate? Hari Raya Mood or Pre-Exams Mood? Tough call!

4. An Avalanche Of Questions

Flood of Questions During Hari Raya


"I should come up with a ready set of answers for all these questions."

Let’s face it; most of us these days live relatively far from where most of our family members are. Hari Raya is the only time of the year where we would be gathered in the same place and are forced (willingly) to spend quality time catching up with one another on what the year has been to us. It sure is great to be able to finally see your new nieces and nephews or sitting around with new family members you’ve never met before listening to your grandparents share stories of their pasts. But, of course, Hari Raya is also the time where you should expect an avalanche of questions that you will never stop answering in your capacity as a student.

First stop, “When are you graduating?” If you’re in college or university, chances are it will take you a solid three years at least before you get to put on that baggy robe and funky mortar. Would you be answering the same question each year? That’s your luck!

“How was your exams result?” Ouch, this is the question that gets our eyes wincing automatically. Unless you’re a solid 4.0 CGPA holder, most students would not like to reminisce about their exam results! Much so during Hari Raya!

“What do you plan to do next or where would you further your studies?” Okay, this isn’t a bad one. But still, when golden pineapple tarts and creamy Sirap Bandung swirls around in your tummy, it can be hard to construct an answer to this question especially when you’re tuned in Hari Raya mode!

“How is your preparation for your big exam going?” Nobody is truly prepared, and this question would often make our tummies turn and leave us feeling strangely doubtful of the stack of notes colour coded to subjects and sample questionnaires from past years’ exams. All I can say, not a good thought to have in the middle of Hari Raya!

5. Reality Hits

Reality Hits After Hari Raya


"Reality or not, Hari Raya makes it A-OK!"

One week, two weeks or even an entire month, it will never be enough. Sure, there are those struggles that us students endure every Raya, but when the house gets increasingly emptier and laughter quieter, you know that it is time to head back into the routine of a five-day week, clutching your pen. One of the worst Hari Raya struggles for us students is definitely heading back to reality, in which we mean studying and head crunching course work. But that’s okay, there’s always next year. Sure, we’ll always face the same struggles again, but hey, that is what makes Hari Raya what it is; real time with the family, cringe worthy and tear-inducing laughter combined. Selamat Hari Raya to all and have a good one!

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